We are straight with you about cosmetic procedures

We are honest and headed up by a medical practitioner. If we think a treatment won't work on you, we'll tell you. We don't take clients who we think we can't help and if things ever get tough, we stick with you.


Ask Dr. Shah

Check out the blog series where Dr. Shah, our medical doctor and director of the clinic answers your common questions!
  • "I alway's enjoy my visit there everyone is very friendly and alway's have a smile on their face." — Tammy S.

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  • "...The staff have been amazing. They were on time and made sure I was comfortable. My questions were answered and if I made a special request it was

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  • "Dr.Shah was straight forward and very honest with what's best for me and I definitely recommend my friends and family to see him." - Joyce H.

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Scars, Scars, Scars……….

We get a lot of patients asking about scars..... Depressed, sunken scars occur when your skin’s collagen is destroyed by inflammation (such as acne) … Read More